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Vernick Food & Drink

A new local eatery is opening soon in Philadelphia!

Vernick Food & Drink is a new local eatery opening soon in Philadelphia. It’s a family-owned restaurant with a modern twist, and it will serve up some of the city’s best food,

Vernick Food & Drink reviews from OpenTable users

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite and some drinks, check out the reviews from OpenTable users.

Vernick Food & Drink has been rated 4.5 stars by 97% of its reviewers on OpenTable. It has also received 5 stars from Yelp users who have reviewed the restaurant.

TripAdvisor users have given Vernick Food & Drink an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars with many saying that it’s “family owned,” “delicious,” and “amazing.”

Google+ users also love this spot: one person wrote that they came here because they couldn’t find another place nearby where they could get delicious food with friendly service at reasonable prices!

Read the top Vernick Food & Drink reviews on OpenTable.

You can read the top Vernick Food & Drink reviews on OpenTable.

The reviews are positive, detailed and not too long or short. They are also not too negative, or too positive for that matter!

View Vernick Food & Drink photos, menus and more.

View Vernick Food & Drink photos, menus and more.

  • View photos of the restaurant.
  • View menus for Vernick Food & Drink.
  • Find out when you can visit this location and make reservations.
  • Learn about hours of operation, addresses, phone numbers and websites for Vernick Food & Drink restaurants in Philadelphia or elsewhere in the U.S., including Philadelphia PA area locations that are open today (or tomorrow).

Find out what other diners think of Vernick Food & Drink.

The reviews on OpenTable are a great place to start. They come from diners who have visited the restaurant and provided their feedback, so you can read what other people think of it.

You can also check out the restaurant’s website for more detailed information about their menu and services:

  • https://vernickfoodanddrinkphiladelphiapa/. $$$$. Inexpensive, great food at reasonable prices!

Vernick Food & Drink Restaurant – Philadelphia

Vernick Food & Drink is a restaurant in Philadelphia. It’s open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday, but you can also find it open for breakfast and brunch on Sunday mornings.

The food at Vernick Food & Drink is served from the kitchen to your table by servers who are dressed in white shirts with black pants.

The tables have red cloths on them that look like tablecloths, but they’re not actually cloths; they’re something else made from paper instead! You’ll see lots of people sitting around eating their food on these paper tablecloths as well.

OpenTable Diners’ Choice 2015 Award Winner!

Vernick Food & Drink was awarded a Diners’ Choice Award for 2015. The award is given to restaurants that have received the most positive reviews on OpenTable, and Vernick Food & Drink has received over 100,000 reviews!

We’re honored to be recognized in this way by our local community and we look forward to continuing our growth here at Vernick Food & Drink.

Enjoy a memorable meal at Vernick Food & Drink in Philadelphia

Vernick Food & Drink is a restaurant that’s well worth visiting. The food and drinks are delicious, but it’s the atmosphere that makes this place so memorable. The servers are always friendly and attentive, even when things get busy.

The decor is modern yet unpretentious, making it a great spot for eating out with friends or family members of all ages. There’s also live music on the weekends!

The menu at Vernick Food & Drink features many items from local farms as well as from around the world—it’s hard not to find something you’ll love here! You can order any type of food imaginable: deli sandwiches made with fresh meats flown straight from New York City.

Paninis stuffed with cheese curds; burgers topped off with crispy bacon (or none at all). Or maybe you prefer seafood: salmon filets topped off with avocado slices before being drizzled in melted butter? Whatever you choose will taste great served up hot off our grill!

If coffee isn’t your thing then try one of their tasty desserts instead—they’re available 24 hours per day! These include cake slices made specifically for sharing between two people sitting back-to-back while enjoying an intimate conversation over morning coffee too 🙂

Vernick Food & Drink

Vernick Food & Drink is a new local eatery that offers a menu full of options. The restaurant is located in Philadelphia, and it’s open for lunch and dinner.

Vernick Food & Drink has a menu full of options: from soups to salads, sandwiches to burgers and more!

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Restaurant Info

The Vernick Food & Drink Restaurant is a Philadelphia gem that you don’t want to miss. Located just across the street from Independence Hall and down the block from Washington Square Park, this restaurant offers an eclectic menu full of local flavors.

Whether it’s brunch or dinner time, we recommend ordering one of their signature cocktails (notably the eponymous Vernick) or sampling one of their delicious wines before you leave.

You’ll be able to enjoy your meal overlooking Independence Mall while taking in all its historical glory!

View the Menu

If you’re looking to order from Vernick Food & Drink Restaurant’s online menu, the options are easy to read and understand.

It’s also easy to navigate, making it a great choice for those who aren’t familiar with the restaurant’s offerings.

If you need help selecting items from their extensive menu, there are plenty of options available:

  • Call in your order via phone or over the internet (if you know what you want). You can speak directly with an employee who will take all of your requests as soon as possible so that they can be prepared when it arrives at your table!

Make a Reservation Online

To make a reservation, you can:

  • Make a reservation online by clicking the “Make A Reservation” button on and following the steps provided in our easy-to-use process. You will be asked to enter your credit card information, check the box for “I would like to reserve for this time,” and then select whether or not you prefer to receive text messages about your reservations (if applicable).
  • Once we receive these details from OpenTable, we’ll send them back along with an automated confirmation email confirming that your request has been received and processed.

Find and book a table online today!

The team at Vernick Food & Drink is always looking for ways to improve. If you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at or give us a call at (267) 717-2337.

A new local eatery is opening soon in Philadelphia!

Vernick Food & Drink is a new local eatery opening soon in Philadelphia. It’s a family-owned restaurant with a modern twist, and it will serve up some of the city’s best food, including their signature mushroom burger.

Vernick Food & Drink has been getting rave reviews since they opened their doors last month, but you can be sure that they’ll continue to improve their offering as time goes on.


We can’t wait for Vernick Food & Drink to open!

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